Charge and AGI

The basics of turn based Active Skills

My Crypto Heroes is a turn based RPG. The one metric that decided whenever a Hero attacks is the Hero's AGI. You can find an in-depth guide about Charge in this Medium post.

Every Turn, the Hero's Charge is increased by its AGI + 100.

This means the higher a Hero's AGI, the more often this Hero can use an Active Skill. Once a Hero's Charge reaches 1000, the hero triggers a Skill from the Active Skill pool. Active Skills will be executed in the set order. You can read more about Active Skills in the next section.

Once a Hero activated an Active Skill, the Hero's Charge is reset to 0. This means that a Hero with 100 AGI attacks exactly as often as a Hero with 105 AGI. This means there are 'sweet spots' or 'Ranges' to optimize for:

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