DMG and Heal

Your Hero’s Base Values

Each hero gets born with four attributes: HP, PHY, INT, and AGI. The values increase as the hero levels up. For a very detailed explanation, check out this Medium post.


Attribute Name

Effecting Skills


Hit Points

Trigger HP related Passive Skills



PHY Active Skills, Healing



INT Active Skills, Healing



Faster Active Skill Activation

How to Deal Damage:

Physical damage is dealt through an activation of an Active or Passive Skill, for example:

Red Strike Inflict 40–60% of PHY worth of damage to the forefront enemy.

Here is how the Physical Damage Dealt (PDD) is calculated:

PHY Damage Dealt (PDD):

PDD = (Attacker's PHY・xx % )・️(100 - Damage Reduction Rate) %

Damage Reduction Rate= Target’s PHY / 2

There are three variables that decide how much damage is dealt to the opponent: Attacker’s PHY, Item Effect, and Defender’s PHY.

Defender’s PHY decides the Damage Reduction Rate, which is capped at 40%. In other words: the Attacker’s damage is at maximum reduced by 40%.

Healing Coefficient

Healing or Recovery effects come in all form and shapes in MyCryptoHeroes: Group heal with White Candy a hybrid self-heal / ally-heal with Necklace’s Healing, or a pure ally heal with Elite Quill’s Elite Recovery. Any healing effect follows the same equation, even if a hero targets himself/herself. We call this healing equation the Healing Coefficient:

Healing Coefficient (HEAL)

HEAL = (Casting Hero’s INT + Target Hero’s PHY) ・ ️xx % / 2

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