This page is the guildlien for TOKU,which is strongly related to "proof of play"

This is the new function for "proof of play" . This will ensure more time and more investment you put, more you will earn. (Currently Lab funtion is suspended)

TOKU can be thought of as a loyalty program. As your accrue more TOKU Points you can redeem TOKU treasure. (Prime users can an addtional reward). The more TOKU you’ve acquired the greater the reward.

You can get "TOKU" points as you dedicate replica extentions or CE of heroes and extentions. You will be able to claim TOKU treasures depending on the amount of TOKU you have, treasure would be GUM (ingame currency) or special ticket that you can exchange with NFT (hero or extention) and etc.

However, please note that TOKU point will be refreshed every season, don't forget claim rewards before it's gone.

<4 easy Steps to get TOKU and rewards>

  1. Go to Toku page via flower mark above

  2. Select "Dedicate to Cryptid"

  3. Select "Dedicate replica Hero/ Extention"

  4. Claim your rewards!

2. Select "Dedicate to Cryptid"

3.Select "Dedicate replica Hero/ Extention"

4.Claim your rewards!

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