Making ETH by playing MCH

How do I generate ETH in My Crypto Heroes?

The economy of Blockchain Games are strongly tied to the real world economy due to Crypto Currencies. In the case of My Crypto Heroes, players can earn ETH simply by investing their ETH, time, and passion. Unlike in traditional games, MCH rewards its players by winning. There are 4 main ways to earn ETH in My Crypto Heroes:

  1. Quests: Find rare items that can be sold for ETH. You can also recycle your Replica Extension drops for TOKU points to get rewards (will explain later)

  2. PvP battles: Win rare Extensions that can be sold for ETH

  3. Art: Players sell their created Art in the Art market for GUM (the in-game currency of MCH)

  4. Buying and Selling Heroes or Extensions in the in-game market or third-party markets to make a profit.

The majority of players earn ERC-721 tokens (which can be traded on GUM or ETH) through “Node(quest)”. Node is a kind of dungeon and can be founder under quests. Note that following points,

There are two kinds of extensions, one is "original" and the other one is "replica". Only original extension are ERC-721 tokens, replicas are not. ②Original extensions are dropped from lvl 20 or higher node.

Selling replica/original extensions:

For Original extensions:

(node →) get original extensions → sell in-game for GUM or on out-game market for ETH (e.g. OpenSEA) → earn GUM or ETH.

For Replica extensions:

(node →) get replica extensions → Dedicate Replica Extension for TOKU in TOKU page (click on flower symbol in top bar)


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