• Overview

    • All players can create an Arena.

    • Players with the correct password can join an Arena.

    • The number of participants per Arena is 2 to 12 people.

    • The format is an automated battle, similar to the Land Battle's “Knight battle”.

    The Arena feature is currently in Beta. Features and availability can be changed anytime without further notice. Please give us feedback on our Discord.

    Create Arena

    • Anyone can create the arena up to 10 times a day. (The number is reset every day at UTC 0:00)

    • You can not create more than one arena at the same time.

    • The player who created the arena (Host) will see an automatically generated password for each arena. The host gives the password to other players and invites them.

    • You can name the arena within 140 characters.

    • You can set a "Battle start” time between 3 minutes to 24 hours, which is the “Entry period" for other players.

    • You can choose to join or not join your arena.

    • You can see all your hosted and joined Arena's by clicking the 'My History' button.

    Entry to Arena

    • You can join the arena by entering the password given by the host on the arena screen.

    • If the corresponding arena is “Entry period”, you can enter. You can leave any time before the Arena starts.

    • Make sure to prepare your team for the arena.

    • There is no limitation to heroes and extensions that can be used.

    • Arena teams are not affected by Cryptid (NIE, EMA).

    • There is no limit on the number of times you can entry arenas, but you can not enter more than one arena at the same time.


    • When the “Battle Start” time comes, an automatic battle is executed.

    • "Attacker" and "Defender" of each battle are randomly chosen.

    • The ranking rules follow the “knight Battle” ranking logic.

    • The arena results will be displayed immediately after the “Battle Start".

    • Every user can see every finished Arena, even without the password.

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