Replica Heroes

What are Replica Heroes?

Aside from original heroes and Novice heroes, there is another type of hero, called Replica heroes. You might have seen a few "Replica extention" that are dropped from Node Quests, but what about Replica Heroes? Simply put, they're Replica of the Heroes and only exist in the MCH world. They are not ERC721 tokens and therefore cannot be traded.

The Replica Heroes offer refreshes every 24 hours.

You can purchase Replica Heroes in the Shop for GUM. RepC cost 300 GUM, RepB 500GUM, and RepA 700GUM. Art Edit Skills are chosen randomly. You can only use Replica Heroes for a limited time after you purchased him/her:

LVL of Replica Hero will be 1 after 7 days of purchase (168 hours).

The Stamina of Replica Heroes does not refresh.

But why?

Buying Original Heroes is expensive, especially if you're just testing new strategies. Replica Heroes are supposed to give you more freedom when putting together a team for Weekly Cups, Knight Battles, or other tournaments. They're like the missing link for your killer team.

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