Prime membership

Prime Benefit

  • Free Daily GUM Bonus -- Available once per day (resets at 9:00am JST every day)

    -- You'll get 35GUM, 1% chance to get 300GUM

    -- A gas fee is required, since this is an on-chain transaction

  • Free Novice hero "Sun Shangxiang" (until January 30th, 2020)

  • Additional TOKU rewards

  • Gain extra XP (crypto energy) from Quests

  • Access to certain quests and duel cups

  • Increase number of teams from 3 to 6

  • Increase number of team templates from 3 to 6

  • Early access to new Hero sales


0.1 ETH or 1000 GUM per month


If you want to boost your grind activity in MCH, you're better off joining the Prime membership. Here is a simple calculation based on the free daily GUM bonus:

Expected GUM:

35GUM x 99% + 300 GUM x 1% x 30 days= 1129.5 GUM

Since the expected 1129.5 GUM are already higher than the initial 1000 GUM or 0.1ETH investment, you're already making a positive ROI from your first month.

Aside from the daily bonus, you'll also gain more XP per quest, more TOKU rewards, more team slots, and various other benefits. That's why most players in MCH are Prime members.

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