There are 9 lands in MCH. Land sector is ERC 721 token, so any players have chance to own the parcial, or whole land. The play who owns land is called "Lord". Among lords, those who have more than 10% of land sector in 1 country, called "King".

There are 2 big advantage for having lands, 1.Lord Rewards:30% of ETH paid by the land member will be distributed to the land (as "Land Profit"), and that will be shared among Lords. The distribution ratio will be changed depending on the volume of ownership in the land. (note that Land consists of some Land sector!!) 2. Right to challenge to the land special node (reagardless of your belonging)

[Example for lord rewards]

Assume that there are 3 lords in a Land ,A・B・C

And the proportion of each Lord’s ownership is A:20% B:30% C;50% And sum of ETH sale in the Land:100ETH

Then Land profit of ETH=100✖️30%=30ETH

Revenue share of A=30 ETH✖️20%(A’s volume ratio) =6ETH Revenue share of B=30 ETH✖️30%(B’s volume ratio) =9ETH Revenue share of C=30 ETH✖️50%(C’s volume ratio) =15ETH

Other than having land, what you can do is

  1. You can belong to 1 land as a "Citizen".

  2. You can challange to land unique quest if you are Citizen

  3. You heroes will be strength by the god of your land (called Cryptid )

  4. You can join the land battle, to be higher class.

  5. If you become top players in land, you will be called "Knight"

Each land does special campaign, such as a Original Hero giveaway! Take a look at that at

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